Regulatory Resolutions has extensive experience implementing and managing complex receiverships and monitorships in enforcement actions brought by regulators in state and federal courts.  For each assignment, we assemble the appropriate mix of professionals – lawyers, accountants, forensic computer experts, investigators, and other subject matter experts.  Our professionals have diverse backgrounds and substantial experience.

We have been appointed by courts across the country.  These appointments include cases brought by the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Federal Trade Commission, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and a number of state regulatory agencies.  The appointments have involved a broad range of issues: illegal investment schemes; Ponzi schemes; illegal loan modifications; unlawful payday loan operations; illegal debt collection businesses; and various forms of telemarketing fraud.  The underlying businesses have covered the spectrum, from single-site locations to complex and sprawling, multi-site operations with hundreds of employees and facilities in multiple states.