CUSTOMERS: Read the Frequently Asked Questions – most issues are addressed there


The Receiver’s office receives questions from consumers on various subjects. Rather than respond to each inquiry separately, we have prepared a list of Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQs”) which addresses each of these questions.  Click on the FAQs link on the documents section of this page to access.  The most recurring questions relate to what should consumers do now and whether refunds will be available – these questions are addressed in FAQ Nos. 3 and 4.

Companies named in the FTC’s lawsuit:

  • Alliance Document Preparation LLC, also dba EZ Doc Preps, Grads Aid, and First Document Aid
  • Capital Doc Prep, Inc.
  • Direct Consul Ting Service LLC
  • Elite Consulting Service, LLC, fka First Grad Aid, LLC, also dba First Grad Aid
  • Elite Doc Prep LLC, also dba Premier Student Aid
  • First Student Aid, LLC
  • Grads Doc Prep, LLC, also dba Academic Aid Center, Academic Protection, Academy Doc Prep, and Academic Discharge
  • SBB Holdings, LLC, also dba EZ Doc Preps, Allied Doc Prep, and Post Grad Services
  • SBS Capital Group, Inc., also dba Grads United Discharge
  • United Legal Center, Inc.
  • United Legal Center, LLC, also dba Post Grad Aid, Alumni Aid Assistance, and United Legal Discharge

Individuals named in the FTC’s Lawsuit:

  • Farzan Azinkhan;
  • Shawn Gabbaie aka Shawn Goodman;
  • Benjamin Naderi aka Benjamin Poumaderi and Benjamin Brooks;
  • Michael Ratliff;
  • Ramiar Reuveni aka Rami Reuveni; and
  • Avinadav Rubeni aka Avi Rubeni

Preliminary Hearing Set for November 1, 2017

The Court has now set November 1, 2017as the date for the hearing on whether a Preliminary Injunction should be entered. In the meantime, the Temporary Restraining Order (“TRO”), which was entered on September 28, 2017, will remain in effect and Defendants’ business operations will remain suspended.  A copy of the TRO can be accessed from the documents section of this page .


The companies listed above have been sued by the Federal Trade Commission for deceptive and unlawful practices related to their student loan debt relief operation.

The FTC’s lawsuit was filed on September 25, 2017, naming as Defendants all of the companies listed below, along with their principals. The Court entered a Temporary Restraining Order (“TRO”) on September 28, 2017, which prohibits any further unlawful conduct and appoints a Temporary Receiver to take possession and control of these businesses.  The Temporary Receiver has suspended operations and is now conducting a review of the businesses.

The Court has set November 1, 2017 as the date for a hearing on whether a Preliminary Injunction should be entered, which would extend the restrictions in the TRO until there is a trial of the case.

We recommend that you immediately contact your student loan servicer and confirm to them that no third party is authorized to represent you in connection with your student loan account. A list of approved student loan servicers can be found at:

At least until the date of the Preliminary Injunction hearing on November 1, 2017, these companies will have very limited operations. Your best source of information is the Receiver’s website.  We will post regular updates.  If you have additional questions, please send to