Andy Robertson is a key member of the Regulatory Resolutions team and has been involved in each of our appointments over the last 14 years.  He has a background in business and law which has made him a versatile asset.  After graduating from Brown University and UCLA Law School, he clerked for federal judge William P. Gray in Los Angeles.  He was then a business litigator for 16 years as an associate, of-counsel, and partner with Lillick McHose and Pillsbury Madison in Los Angeles with a practice involving intellectual property, banking, securities and general business matters.  In 1990, he moved to San Diego as principal in a start-up sporting goods venture – products manufactured in China and distributed throughout the world – where he was responsible for operations, finance, and legal.  After ten years of operational and finance experience in that and other businesses, he joined our firm in October 2002 and has since specialized in receiverships as both a lawyer and an experienced finance and operations executive.